Beans are commonly known as legumes, and are placed under the family of Fabaceae. They come in many different forms and shapes, textures and flavours, and can be used for various cooking, baking and drinking recipes that have all been well utilized throughout the ages.

Broad Beans

Broad beans, the name which the broad term of beans originated from, have been used for centuries

Their origin is often assocaited with the Ancient Egyptians who cultivated the legume to use within recipes and daily nutritional value.

Most beans are known to have a great amount of nutritional value, many of which have been used as protein or calcium supplements in vegetarian or vegan diets.

The beneficial elements in beans are also a great way to keep your health up, and keep your insides healthy and working efficiently.

The most well known bean is the broad bean, of which the name stems, these beans have been grown in large fields world wide, and are used in a variety of dishes from steamed vegetables, to salads, and even some more high class recipes one might find in an upper class restaurant.

Their bland taste and mildly chewy texture allows them to be utilized in several different dishes, and makes them incredible flexible when experimenting with flavours and options for your dinner.

Mung BeansThe mung bean is also a greatly diverse bean that is often used in a lot of Indian recipes.

They are also a great source of protein which can be amalgamated into a vegetarian's diet in order to make sure they are receiving the right amount of elements.

They can be used in different kinds of soups and are incredible diverse to the point they can even be boiled down to a point and the resulting product can be used in a vegan dessert that is void of any dairy product.

The mung bean dessert is very common in Japan, along with the Tofu dessert.

The sprouts that come from the mung bean are tasty and crunchy that is often accompanied with several salads - and makes a refreshing taste to any summer salad.

There are several different varieties of beans within the bean family, don't be fooled however, as some beans aren't really beans and are actually fruit, just like the coffee berry.

Beans are versatile and can be used in a manner of fashions, all of which are sure to provide a tasty and intriguing aspect to your meal, your dessert, or your morning